DMK Window Tinting Guarantee

We take great care in providing you with a virtually flawless window film installation; every precaution is taken to ensure that our service surpasses your expectations.


Due to us having personal high standards we take a lot more time in preparing for a window installation than most other window tinting companies and we offer very competitive prices


As a customer we believe you should receive the best service, this starts right from the beginning. What do you want from your tint job? Are you looking for an individual style and appearance, looking at reducing heat and glare, perhaps you are looking for a degree of security or privacy. We will help you with decide what is best for you.


At DRK we have a range of different window films depending on your individual requirements. All of which are kept in stock, but if there is something in particular you require then its not a problem for us to source it.


  • Improves privacy and security - protects your privacy and deters against vandalism and break-ins because occupants and contents are not visible.


  • Improves safety - In the event of an accident the film will hold together any shattered glass. Safety films are scratch resistant and can be clear or tinted.


  • Reduces glare and driver fatigue - reduces glare from sun and headlights which minimises eye strain. This will reduce tiredness on long journeys.


  • Reduces heat, improves comfort and fuel efficiency - Our tint films filter up to 65% of the sun’s heat which makes the car interior a lot cooler and makes car journeys more comfortable.


  • UV sun protection - our film filters out 99% of harmful UV rays which is a cause of skin cancer and premature skin ageing. It also keeps the interior looking new by preventing fading.

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